BeHero is no ordinary jewelry manufacturer, but something special in every way. Just as its owner makes the jewelry meaningful, the jewelry and its owner merges into a beautiful unity that attracts the looks.

In addition to jewelry making, BeHero is also a movement that wants to change the world now and that by acting with its own power.

"We must finally get up and become the heroes we so dearly await all the time,
challenging those who stand in the way of our peace, our freedom, equality, justice, love and health.
We have to create the things that are deep and honest in our hearts.
Only we can be heroes "

René Teuber   15.05.2018


AS DE PIQUE Watch with the Light Bracelet from BeHero


In detail, BeHero is a non-profit organization from Germany.
It was founded on February 22, 2015 under the name "Terra Conference of Human & Science" by René Teuber and renamed "BeHero" in 2016.

BeHero is supposed to help and guide people by becoming a hero and positively influencing the world.

With this organization, we want to give people out there guidance to choose the right, considerate, sustainable, forward-looking, peaceful and healthy way into the future.

It should encourage people and make the right action as easy as possible. It is intended to gather the essential and vital information from the world and to present it in an understandable way.

It is an independent medium that supports sustainable business and provides critical minds with a platform to establish a foundation for world improvement.

BeHero finances itself by donations and selling selfcreated jewelry and art from its own online store.

Profits flow into BeHero itself or into funded projects such as the planned BeHero app.




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