Shenlong (tiger's eye)

Shenlong (Chinese 神龍, simplified 神龙, also Shén Lóng) are spiritual dragons of Chinese mythology, whose name means translated as god dragon or ghost dragon.

The Shén Lóng are weather kites that command wind, clouds and rain. For this reason, the success of the harvest depends on them, which is why the Chinese are making an effort not to anger them. When a Shén Lóng becomes angry, it triggers storms and floods.


Details: tiger's eye Gemstones (natural grade AAA) 8 mm, 3 x sterling silver Shenlong beads


(These pearls are a unique natural product. Ordered items will thus be slightly different from the product image.)

Details: Genuine Chrysocolla (Grade AAA) beads, 2 x sterling silver Shenlong beads

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