Lion (blue)

The lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac. He is attracted by the light because his planet is the sun and his element is the fire. The lion is proud and impressive. One is either immediately taken by him or not at all. But it is not only his appearance, but also his inner strength that others lie to his feet in droves.
On the side of a lion you always feel like the hero of an adventure.
He makes sure that love becomes something unique with him.


Details: blue, imperial Jasper gemstones,  1 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized Lion, 2 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized Spacer


(These pearls are a unique natural product. Ordered items will thus be slightly different from the product image.)

Details: matt, frosty, cracked rock crystal gemstones, 1 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized Lion, 2 x antique silver Spacer

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