Sleep and dreams play a very important role in human life. Both are indispensable for the preservation of his physical and mental health and for the evolution of man. The material consciousness as well as the unconscious have the ability to see differently in the dream, to act differently and to think differently than the consciousness can do in the day-awake-life, because it is caught up in the material reality, which only just that allows what is logically physically possible and feasible.
In the dream, however, this barrier is swept away, making everything suddenly feasible and having no temporal, spatial or physical barriers, but there is boundless freedom in all things, where nothing is impossible, but everything is possible.


Details: matt, frosty, cracked rock crystal Gemstones,  3 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized Feather 16 mm x 7 mm, 2 x 92,5 sterling silver Spacer


(These pearls are a unique natural product. Ordered items will thus be slightly different from the product image.)

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smoky quarz bead gemstone


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