Rose (gold)

The rose is a very complex symbol that represents both heavenly perfection and earthly passion. As a flower, it stands for time and eternity, life and death. Fertility and virginity. Because of its delicate fragrance, it is a sign of grace and beauty. The thorns of the rose symbolize pain, blood and suffering for others.

Especially the colors of the rose were given certain meanings.
The red rose stands for the passion, the love and desire and thus for the fertility and beauty. So the earthly life is represented by the red rose.

The white rose corresponds to eternal and pure love - innocence. It is the flower of light and means virginity, spiritual development and devotion. Mixed red and white roses represent the opposites, such as fire and water and the union of opposing poles (male - female).

A blue rose bears witness to the impossible, unattainable and is only accessible to the unswerving, enlightened ones.

The golden rose corresponds to perfection and is one of the highest goals of the people.


Details: hematite gemstones gold plated,  6 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized thorns,  1 x 92,5 sterling silber oxidized thorn spacer


(These pearls are a unique natural product. Ordered items will thus be slightly different from the product image.)

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hematite bead gemstone



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